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Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House

  1. Curb Appeal. Did you know potential Buyers make up their mind about your home before they get out of the car! A yard that is well maintained and exterior in good shape tells buyers this home has been well cared for. So get out that rake, tuck those garbage cans in the back and re-touch chipped or peeling paint to draw those buyers in.
  2. De-Clutter. Too much “stuff” distracts buyers from seeing the size of a room or it’s features. Buyers will look in closets and cabinets, if they are overflowing it says “this home doesn’t have enough storage”. Remember that you want buyers to look at your home not your stuff.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean! Like curb appeal, cleanliness tells the buyer you have taken care of your home. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, hire a profession, it will pay off!
  4. Have a Pre-Home Inspection Completed. This is an excellent selling feature and will also ease your mind that your home is in top shape. Talk to us on how we can get this done.
  5. De-Personalize. This is a tough but essential thing to do, the key to a quick sale is that a buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. So get an early start on packing and remove those personal items.
  6. Don’t Sell Your “To Do List”. Take a day and address all of those minor repairs. Fix Dripping faucets, replace cracked switch plates, tighten that loose door knob. All show a home that is well cared for.
  7. Rooms with a Purpose. Show rooms with the purpose that will give you the most bang for your buck. Although you are using the third bedroom as an office or playroom for the kids, when selling convert it back to a bedroom. Buyers will remember what they see.
  8. A Fresh Coat of Paint. Particularly in high traffic areas will have great impact. Try to choose a neutral colour that will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.
  9. What to do with Pets. It is best to take pets out of the home or have them in a cage while buyers are viewing your home. Some people are nervous around pet and this distraction may prevent buyers from comfortably viewing your home.
  10. Add a Little Freshness. Purchase some plants, fresh flowers or hanging baskets to add to your home’s appeal. This is an inexpensive way to add colour.

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