Seller Support Program

Seller Support Program

Find your buyer and save with the Seller Support Program

With our Residential & Rural Executive Commission Packages you have opportunity to find your own Buyer and save thousands in Real Estate Commission!!!

Once your home is listed, we strongly encourage you to contact as many friends, family members, and co-workers as possible to notify them that your property is for sale.

If you were to find your own buyer, and have them use one of the Laframboise Team to prepare the offer, you would save the majority of the commission being offered to the Buyer’s REALTOR.

For example, if your home sold for $250,000.00 and you were offering 2% to the Buyers REALTOR, instead of paying $5,000.00 plus your listing portion, you would only pay $1,000.00 +HST ($1,130.00) plus your listing portion. That would mean you could save and additional:

List a Home For 2% Regular Commission Seller Assist Program Cost YOU SAVE
 $250,000.00  $5,000.00 $1,130.00  $3,870.00

*Commissions and fees are negotiable and cannot be fixed


Program Qualifications:

*Applicable to all Executive Plus Commission Packages Residential or Rural;
*Same terms and conditions apply.
*Buyer must NOT be under contract with any Brokerage (Includes Laframboise Team) for program to apply.